Requirement Analysis

We help you translate your requirements into an architecture – always ensuring the technology is aligned with and serves your business goals.

Data Management Strategies

Let us help your developing an optimal data management strategy, a sound data model and an efficient data storage pool for fast retrieval. While there a general guidelines, each data driven application is unique and deserves its own thinking.

Application Design

Based on the results of the requirements analysis our experts will assist you design and implement a big data backend architecture suited to your needs.

We're building data driven applications.

You have a vision.

We have a way to get you there.

Why Us ?


Our reputation is tied to the success of our customer’s solution. We will always be there, even after the implementation of the solution.



We are big data and cloud experts and have been working with Hadoop since 2009 and embracing Amazon Web Services since 2008. During the years we’ve designed and built a multitude of backend systems leveraging our know-how and best practices.

Driven by Innovation

Our aim is to apply the vision of big data and cloud computing to all industries. We understand that technology is changing whole industries at a breath-taking speed. We can help you navigate the landscape.

What our clients say

By using Christian’s expertise on designing and setting up a lambda architecture, we avoided spending countless efforts on experimenting with all the different technologies out there before ending up with the scalable, micro-services based cloud service that WiFi-Doctor is today.

Bram Stes Wi- Fi Doctor teamleader at Technicolor

Chistian’s expertise with distributed and AWS based infrastructures helped us big time when we needed a solution to orchestrate our servers and services, by integrating Terraform into our application life cycle management.

Johannes Kunze Senior Solution Architect at GfK

Thanks to using Big Data technologies for our tracking backend, we are now capable of analyzing player interaction with considerably more details. Based on this data we are able to improve the gameplay of our games essentially.

Christoph Safferling Head of Game Analytics at Ubisoft Blue Byte
Big Data & Cloud Consulting

You're already running a data driven application.

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